vers des applications cliniques prochaines?

8:30 am



8:45 am Introduction - Xavier GIDROL, co-director ITMO Health Technologies 
Xavier GIDROL, co-director ITMO Health Technologies 
8:50 am 

3D Bioprinting: Current state-of-the-art Nathalie DUSSERRE, Bordeaux


Organ-on-chips and organ crosstalk

9:20 am Bringing microphysiological systems from lab to real-world application – Berend VAN MEER, Leiden, Netherlands
9:50 am 
Translational considerations for liver organoids: from organ on chip to external bioartificial system – Cécile LEGALLAIS, Compiègne
10:20 am 

Building complexity in gut organoid to study innervation – Maxime MAHE, Nantes

10:50 am Cardiac and vascular organoids – Jean-Sébastien HULOT, Paris

11:20 am

Colon organoid cultures: what tool for a pharmacologist ? – Nathalie VERGNOLLE, Toulouse

11:50 pm Break

12:00 pm

Forum – Chair: Jean-Luc Galzi, Strasbourg

Flash talks on biotech products/tools for research or clinical use:

Stem Genomics, Agnès MIERMONT “New tests to assess the genetic integrity of stem cells”.

HCS Pharma, Nathalie MAUBON “Biomimesys® 3D technology which is a natural HA-based scaffold to better mimic the tissue environment”

Cellink, Pierre-Alexandre LAURENT “3D bioprinting technologies for organoids engineering: tools BIOX and BioInks”

Stemcell technologies, Philippe TROPEL “Standardization tools for 3D cell cultures”

12:30 pm Break

1:45 pm

Flash talks by young scientists
Chair: Christian BOITARD, co-director ITMO Pathophysiology Metabolism Nutrition


Development of three-dimensional cell culture of canine breast tumor - Antonella RAFFO-ROMERO, Lille

3D modeling of the relationship between diabetes and pancreatic cancer - Anastasia PAPOZ, Grenoble

Modulating notochordal differentiation of human induced pluripotent stem cells using 3D culture for intervertebral disc regeneration - Nicolas VEDRENNE, Nantes

Design of an optimal O2 balanced bioartificial pancreas - Mathilde MOSSER, Nantes

Microencapsulation and differentiation of HepaRG cells and human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) into hepatocytes for the Bioartificial liver device - Marwa HUSSEIN, Villejuif

Christian BOITARD, co-director ITMO Pathophysiology Metabolism Nutrition
2:20 pm Development of an artificial lung, microfluidics contribution – Olaf MERCIER, Le Plessis-Robinson
2:50 pm  Recent advances in 3D printing for articular tissue engineering – Christian JORGENSEN, Montpellier
3:20 pm 

CARMAT: total artificial heart – Christian LATREMOUILLE, Paris

3:50 pm Retina: RPE derived from human embryonic stem cells disposed on human amniotic membrane, an update on the French RP clinical trial – Christelle MONVILLE, Evry

4:20 pm


Round Table - Chair: François HIRSCH, Inserm Ethics Committee
Which ethics for the use of organoids and artificial organs?
Olaf MERCIER, Le Plessis-Robinson - Christian JORGENSEN,   Montpellier - Christian LATREMOUILLE, Paris - Christelle MONVILLE, Evry

4:50 pm Conclusion - Franck LETHIMONNIER, co-director ITMO Health Technologies 

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